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Bang! Bang! Maxwell’s silver hammer ….

I’m on a quest: to find a restaurant that can live up to it’s reputation. These are going to be quick posts, because the less I have to think about them the better:

7:05pm Arrive at Thomas Maxwells. It’s fairly full. We are promptly seated

7:25 Order starters and main – stock standard menu items – Fried Camembert and Steak Tartare

7:55 Call the maitre d’ to enquire where the hell our starters are …

7:58 Starters arrive – seriously: 40 minutes for a bit of fried cheese and some raw mince …

8:15 Starter finished ….

8:30 Nothing ….

8:45 Excuse me, can you tell me where our main is?

8:57 Mains Arrives

9:00 Mains sent back – a medium to well done steak that arrives and is meant to be medium rare … this is a rookie mistake, I think my 7 year old boy could have prepared a better steak.

9:01 Wine is finished and we haven’t even started main – and this is supposed to be one of the top restaurants in Johannesburg?? Oh dear, maybe it was just “one of those nights”…

9:15 Seconds out! Round number 2 : Mains arrive … again. With apologies that “we will be sorted out” – I’m thinking “Oh crap, they going to call in bouncers?”, but no – desserts wine and desserts will be on the house. I’m dreading the fact that we may have to wait an hour for that… Steak was mediocre. Couldn’t get through the 2nd round of creamed spinach, butternut and chips (Butternut and Spinach??? Is this a canteen or a fancy restaurant, I double check, but yes still at Mr. Maxwells Bistro).

9:45 Mains removed and complimentary dessert and ports delivered.

9:50 Maitre d’ informs us that the wine will also be on the house!

10:00 Dessert removed and cup cakes delivered. Yes cup cakes – as a farewell gift? As a peace offering? Not quite sure.

10:05 Being avoided by all and sundry, we leave. Did we vow never to go back? Nope. Will we go back? No. In their defence, they knew they cocked up and tried to make ammends. Maybe it is just that we are quite demanding, but I don’t think so – maybe it’s just that consumers today accept mediocrity and are too afraid to complain.

Our quest continues…