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How time flies…

Yes I know, I’ve been really bad. It’s been ages since I wrote a blog, despite drafting a whole range of stories, life has consumed most of my free-time. Modern day living (not that I can compare it to any other form of living) is just so fast-paced, that at times I’m quiet happy to vegetate in front of the TV. Now that we are in mid April, with the national elections looming (and the DA is seriously pissing me off with calls from call centres and SMSes in the middle of the night), complete plans disappearing (anyone think they’ve been abducted by Aliens) and with THAT trial coming to an end, there is enough material to write about. However, the ability to find the creative time is what is so challenging.

I fear for the kids of today – it’s this life that forces them into a performance model, no matter what. You remember the old days when we were at school – assuming that if you are reading this you are over 35. Do you remember when we had “special” classes, when the kids who plugged a standard more than twice were moved into? Socially, we may have been mean to them by calling them horrible names, but what was our defense against someone who was 3 years older than us in the same standard? Special classes just seemed to have disappeared as did the pupils who were confined to them. I wonder where some of those kids ended up? Did they ever “reach their full potential” as is the precursor today for to determine if your child being misdiagnosed with ADD/ADHD? Did they disappear because some PhD’s decided that it would be better to socially group them in one environment? Maybe name calling by your peer group isn’t as bad by being called names by the “normal” kids? Time has been consumed by having to protect my kids (but that is material for another story).

Time … so precious when used correctly.