It’s probably best to stay at home… Nightmare in the North West

The last few months has seen a lot of activity, mainly away from the Crazy City.

A week in Sun City on their “Weekday Special“.  It was at The Cabanas – so we were not expecting The Palace experience (plus we had 2 kids on their first visit to SC).  What we were expecting was just some good accommodation, decent food and a good time for the kids.

We were not happy with the room we were initially booked in, it was dark and there was a lot of foot traffic with little privacy unless we closed the doors and kept the curtains drawn.

So the staff obliged and off we went to our next room.  After grabbing a bite to eat at the food court, we hit the sack.  4 am saw us waking up – not because we wanted to but God only knows what the people were doing in the room above us … if they were taking the opportunity of shagging between sleep and their baby sleeping remains a mystery.  What doesn’t was the sound of furniture being dragged around.  At 5 am I couldn’t take it any longer and I stormed off to reception to be met by the most unsympathetic sleepy night manager – and my request was simple : murder would be committed or they had best sort out the issue.  Security was apparently dispatched to investigate.  We eventually dozed off into a broken sleep.  Intermittent dreams were broken with the sound of a drill … we had booked in during the renovations – but there was a big sign at reception saying that the noise period would be between 10am – 4pm – NOT 8am.

Guess where you could find me a few moments later …

This time the day manager was more understanding – and at least awake.  He saw my point (which other point was there to be seen under the circumstances)?  He promised to arrange an upgrade to the Sun City main hotel.

So we packed bags for the 2nd time in 24 hours and moved to a very nice room at the main hotel.  Happy customer.

Well until 3 am that morning when were awoken by s “scruffling” sound.  More “scruffles” and the lights went own only to discover one of the small milk containers from the tea/coffee station on the floor with some puncture marks in it.  Good God!  A small milk vampire?  No – a mouse (we didn’t want to think rat) decided to help itself to our milk.

Guess where you could find me the next morning ….

Guess what were doing a couple of minutes later ….

Guess what our new room was like ….

We were in Sun City in July 2015 – obviously not season and the reason for the Weekend Special, but the Queen of the North West province is a tarnished jaded products.  The Entertainment Centre is an anachronism of 80’s indulgence.  She is tired.  The only place to get food is at the fast-food food court (3 foods in fast succession).  So extended stays can be tough or expensive if you eat at the few restaurants that are open.

The kids enjoyed The Valley of the Waves though.


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