Bid or Buy Bye Bye

Can you imagine the following: you go to an online auction, post an automatic bid (for those not in the know – an automatic bid is a bid which is a fixed amount which you automatically bid against others bidders until you hit the fixed bid amount), get notification that your bid amount has been accepted and go to sleep. Next morning you wake up and find out that you have lost the auction. You win some you lose some. But then you see that you have lost the auction to a bid lower than your automatic bid amount. So you contact the online auction owner and they tell you that you did not have an automatic bid! You respond with telling them that you received an email notification saying that your automatic bid has been received. Then the auction company representative says they had a system glitch … in the form of a power failure!!! What?? A power outage in Johannesburg – WTF, are we living in a 3rd world country? You contact the seller to tell them that they have been short-changed in the auction. The company says that they will do what they can, but can’t do too much, sorry for you and goodbye.

Well not so fast they, the fact that you had a system meltdown and until I complained had no idea of the extent of the system cock-up and posted a very vague “…we experienced system issues…” on a forum on your website (that who the hell reads is a total mystery) doesn’t mean that you can deny all forms of responsibility because your an “online business”.

I have called twice to speak to the CEO – Jaco and Cuan, presumably the Head of Tech – do you think they have had the common decency to return my calls?

So here is the issue that I have: the BidorBuy system is flawed in a number of ways:

1. If they experienced a power failure which took down their systems means that their management team is downright negligent for not having a UPS, needless to say a Disaster Recovery in place.

2. They are responsible for the losses incurred by the seller – in my case, the seller did not get the the maximum value for the goods they were selling. I had an automatic bid that was higher than the winner bid – how many other sellers were put in this situation?

3. They have an obligation to buyers who in deed have winning bids – but didn’t win such as myself.

4. They need to deal with the lower bid winners in one way or another.

If BidorBuy was in the league of the e-Bay’s, Amazons of this world they would have full disclosure and a public apology to all parties concerned. You think this is going to happen if they can’t even return a phone call?

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