Are these things just sent to challenge me ?

I am not even going to bother to explain ….

My total disappointment with Stationery & Print Sandton


I’ll make this email very simple. If I was buying a cheap pen I wouldn’t give a continental about the issues I have with it. When I get bought a very expensive Montegrappa Emblema I expect service second to none. None of this half-baked rubbish that I have receieved to date.

The brief history
– The pen was bought from Stationery & Print at the beginning of March 2013
– It was given to me on the 4 March 2013
– As part of the purchase agreement I have the right to exchange the nib within 6 weeks after date of purchase.
– We informed Gareth on the 11 March that I wanted a Finer NIB
– He gave us a story that we would have to wait till May for the exchange nib to arrive.
-He said that I could continue to use the pen and it that when the nib arrived he would replace it.
-There were no issues with the pen other than the Nib size
-The pen was taken in last week to have the new nib fitted. I was not there, but from what I can gather, no tools were used in the exchange process.

Now – I own a number of fountain pens, and I generally know that pens require specific tools to exchange nibs, particular premium branded ones.

The pen has not worked properly since it was returned – the ink does not flow correctly. I suspect that the experienced Montegrappa nib changer in the form of Gareth has damaged the feeder. Also there is a horrible mark around the neck of the pen – which is generally caused by slippage when trying to change nibs with the proper tools.

Simply put – the experience has been shocking.

So here’s the deal from my side – you either replace the pen with the Nib I want or return our money in the next 7 years or we will exercise our legal rights.

If you don’t know how to sell expensive pens – then don’t. You have done nothing for the Montegrappa brand.


David Epstein

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